Lessons in The New Forest & London

Alexander Technique encourages people to experience good use of the body in daily life

Want to feel better in your body? Are you an actor, musician, dancer? I can help you improve your understanding of your own body. Come and discover what you are doing with yourself and have a laugh during the  process....!

I finished my training in 2001. I’ve tried to make a difference to people through the core belief that the Alexander Technique is essential for personal development, performance and well being and to be able to live in a conscious way. I believe it to be a prerequisite when riding horses as it underpins and is the essence of good riding practice; without it you are losing out on some valuable communication between you and your horse.

I also believe that it is so fundamental to being a biped and  will give you a fuller picture of yourself. I am offering a free first lesson as I want people to have a go and see for themselves.

Is the Alexander Technique useful? If you have come to a point with yourself that you feel that you would like learn about what you are doing with yourself then this is going to be the place for you! After a few lessons you will wonder how you did without it; that is how useful it is! Make a booking now....

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pay by scan
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