What happens in a lesson. 

Find out how you are designed to move.....
Discover how you are designed to move.....

A lesson is a time in which you will be trained to attend to yourself. It is a kind of laboratory in which the teacher provides 'hands-on' and verbal instruction. Together you gain new information about what you are doing with your body and mind. The result is that you leave the lesson with a new process to engage with and a with deeper self knowledge which adds a new value to your life. 

 Lessons are 40 minutes long on average and take place in everyday clothing. It is recommended to have at least 6 lessons in short succession to efficiently retrain your nervous system.

Using guided everyday movements such as walking and sitting down, the pupil is taught to increase their  embodied knowledge and this will in turn be taken as a tool to

independently apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to any activity which can enhance performance and experience.


£45 per lesson. Now available at WPF at London Bridge and London N4.





I come from a philosophy of being inclusive and I would like everyone to have a chance of having lessons. I offer low cost lessons to those on a low income. I can only do this if those who can afford to pay the full amount, do so. I rely purely on trusting that this is valued and respected. Please contact me to discuss.


E: alexander_centre@hotmail.com







pay by scan
pay by scan
Contact details alexander_centre@hotmail.com

0208 340 5273 or 07833512244